Photo sharing on Facekbook – old family photos.


Cindy –  That is amazing. Do you have more pictures?


Cindy –  Do you think they canned them?

Mark – I think he and Nolan took them down to Detroit and sold them. This matches a story that Nolan told


Mark –  That would be a lot of fish to can, though I’m sure Gramma probably snatched a few.

 Mark – I have never seen this photo before. I found it in the bottom of a box of miscellaneous stuff that was fairly recent.


Cindy –  I remember her canning suckers after we speared a bunch of them.


Cindy –  Would you retell some of Nolan’s stories about the family in your “Notes” section of facebook? I would like to hear some of them, and maybe some of the grandchildren would like to hear them, too.

Cindy – Thank you for sharing this photo.


Mark –  Nolan’s stories are mostly about him, but every now and again you catch a nugget like this one about our Grandparents, uncles and Aunts. It is possible that he may have given me this picture when Megan and I went to visit him during muzzle loading season three years ago. She might remember…by the way, talking to Nolan is much like talking to Clint Eastwood’s character in “Gran Torino”. Makes for vibrant and sometimes hilarious conversation, with a lot of “I can’t believe he said that” later.


Cindy –  I’ve seen Nolan just a few times, and I don’t know if I have heard any stories. Probably I did.

Mandy – very cool!

Joshua –  You nailed that description uncle mark.
Mark – Regarding Nolan? Yes the description of how he tells stories.
David – You must have gotten this from Nolan. I’ve never seen it before. Pretty cool.
 David – I remember that they cleaned all the fish and threw the remains in the gravel pit. That it stunk horribly when the wind blew towards the house and that grandma told them never to do it again.
Mark –  Most likely they caught them out of the Oqueoc, or Swan River in North Eastern Michigan. The photo was probably taken in the late 60’s.

David – I think the photo was in the 70’s… look how old grandpa looks in the picture. the salmon plants started in the early 70′ s.

David –   Salmon stocking began in 1966, so probably, given the four year cycle, this probably was taken no sooner than 1970 or 71.
David –  sounds about right.
David –   I can’t believe it was legal to keep this many fish ever.
Mark – lol ha ha ha ha
Mark –  Aunt Mary posted this in reference to the photo above “I can’t remember what year the pic was taken….the first year it was legal to fish salmon ….Grandma and I canned/frozen/smoked salmon until there wasn’t any room to store anymore fish… after wash tubs of fish and days of cleaning…Grandma said to your Grandfather the following: Bill Decker don’t you dare come home with anymore fish….it was so funny because she was so thrilled to have enough food for the season…and salmon was unheard of a that time and was a luxury in those days. Too much of a good thing… a great memory.”

Mark-  Thank You Aunt Mary for the nugget of family history behind this photo.


Julie – Grandma Decker told me this story too, never quite knew if it was exaggerated, I remember asking Dave if you could really catch and keep that many fish??? Well now here’s the proof! Anyway, she wasn’t too happy about them always coming home and going straight to bed and she would have to take care of the fish, she also said sometimes they sold them in Detroit. This is when she told me ” never learn to do something you don’t want the job of”, meaning don’t learn to fillet fish or it will be your job forever! I’m sticking to that real good!
Cindy –  That’s a wise bit of wisdom there. That’s one of the reasons I don’t know how to start the lawn mower.
Mark – I’m hearing admission of deliberate ignorance. very disturbing.
David –  I never stack the dish washer quite right.. so it goes both ways.
Mark –  Wouldn’t it be easier just to say “you catch them, you clean them”? and if you don’t like the way I load the dishwasher then do it yourself?
 Cindy – Nope
David –  nope…. saying it ruins it.
Aunt Mary – at that time there wasn’t any limit and you could snag them…. mom and dad
filled there pantry before selling any…i didn’t know about the selling of salmon…i never knew that story.Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 19:33:05 -0800
Mark – We have had a exponential increase in regulations and laws since then. It may have been perfectly legal back then, but not any more. There is now a limit, and it is definitely illegal to sell any wild game. You can give it away though.

David – in the story I heard there was about twice as many fish. That’s Nolan for you.


Mark – From what Julie says she heard from Gramma, There were several occasions, so all of the above could be valid.


 O’Deal – dad got a lot of fish, can remember cleaning al thought fish and caning them. it was fun spearing them but the fun didn’t last.
Mark – Those were the days, The DNR introduced the species, and has done a marginal job managing them ever since. I remember that pick-up truck. It came before the blue one. Good to see you on Face Book Mom.
 Cindy –  Great bits of family history.
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New Products for Our Memories for Life

Visit my site for some exciting new products.

The Border maker system has several designs to personalize your scrapbooks.


Exciting new papers, border strips, journaling  and mounting cards, plus many tools, albums and pages.




I will be working at a workshop this weekend and post some of the results. I am planning to make a heritage album using the pocket pages.

Happy scrapping! 🙂




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Printing Photos Before It’s Too Late

I was preparing photos for my crop club night last night when I realized that I only had enough photos for six more “chapters” in my current scrapbook. The chapters (groups of photos for the same event/subject) were from 2012. That’s how far behind I am on my scrapbooks.

Fortunately, I have a lot of photos on my Facebook page. And I had uploaded photos from my camera and Facebook to Snapfish (a photo printing company) through the summer of 2014. I just had not printed any in a long time. So I sifted through them and ordered some from Snapfish. And used Costco to order photos from the last eight months. I could keep my pictures on my electronic devices/websites, but there is just something wonderful about looking at a photo album.

Have you gotten behind on having your photos printed? Which service do you use? This time on Snapfish, I found that I could not copy the photos to my computer. They have some sort of program that only lets you copy a link to your photo. I have photos stored there from 2007. So if I want to go back and get an old photo, I have to order a print and scan it in. That is one of the issues with storing photos on photo website. You can lose control of your photos. Creative Memories went out of business. How many people lost their pictures? How many pictures have been lost when a camera was stolen, or a smartphone was dropped?

So, lesson learned. I need to keep up with printing my pictures for my scrapbooks.



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Halloween Peeks

Here is a sneak peek of paper that will be available soon through My Memories for Life.


Note that the top rows are one side of the Border Strip and the Bottom Rows are the other side…for endless mix and match!! Trick or Treat!!


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Lessons Caught – The Importance of Journaling

I’ve often heard that lessons are better caught than taught. Both are important. Scrapbooking with journaling can do both together.

The pictures we choose for our scrapbooks say a lot about what we value most. When we write our thoughts next to those pictures, we have a chance to reinforce the lessons that are caught by the camera.

Some lessons our scrapbooks taught:

I went back to school when I was 43 to become a legal assistant. By example I showed my kids the long effort and persistence needed to succeed in college and reinforced our stated expectations for them…”when you go to college” we always said. But when I looked at the scrapbook this morning, it hit me that my words also communicate my appreciation for my husband’s contribution. What a lesson!

10626556_10152362722301381_3071380008823890796_nWhile celebrating our achievements is important, this picture indicates that I didn’t do it alone.

Having a good attitude is a value we wanted to emphasize to our children.


I know this is obvious, but people who went on this trip kept telling me they were encouraged by my daughter’s attitude (in the red shirt).

A few years ago, I realized that I have been singing in choirs for over 30 years, but I had no picture evidence. So I posted a request on Facebook asking others to take a picture of  me in the choir. (I am in the middle row, second from the right).


Being involved in serving is something we value. This picture isn’t in my scrapbook yet. because I am at least three years behind in my scrapbooks. I know we are not smiling, but it’s currently the only picture I have of my choir participation. What might be a life lesson I could write about here?

“Photos without stories are memories lost” is  a  Heritage Makers motto (digital scrapbooking). I love that motto.

Photos without journaling is a lost opportunity to influence the future.

Do your life lessons to your children appear in your scrapbooks?




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The 12-inch Trimmer

My 12-inch trimmer from Our Memories for Life has arrived.

Here a few cell-phone pictures.


There is a three phase blade in the trimmer, which has the option of wavy, straight and perforated cut. The all work well.


My art educated daughter likes the guide on the left. Makes it easier to get a straight cut.

I recommend this cutter.


If you are interested in doing digital or traditional scrapbooking, visit my web page in Heritage Makers.

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The Pictures We Choose For Our Scrapbooks

When I first began scrapbooking, I didn’t have a lot of pictures. My first album contains all the pictures I have of our first eight years of marriage. About forty 8 1/2 by 11 pages. It also contains some of our dating and college pictures.

My husband had a very nice camera, but it was broken half the time, and we often went for long stretches with no camera because we couldn’t afford to fix it. Sometimes, the film was bad, or was accidentally exposed to the light before development. Some years we only have the pictures that others shared with us.

So, almost every picture I have from that time is precious, even the ones that are a little blurry, too dark, off center, etc. I keep them anyway, because those pictures are the only ones I have.

232323232%7Ffp53262)nu=3347) (3)4(6)WSNRCG=323746;9334 nu0mrj

My son with our dog, Sally. I can almost see the pacifier.

232323232%7Ffp53257)nu=3347) (3)4(6)WSNRCG=323746;937766nu0mrj

The framing of this picture is off…quite a bit, but again, I don’t have any other photos of this event.

Our rolls of films were a mystery until we developed them. We threw away the really horrible pictures, and kept the ones that were passable or better.

When disposable cameras came out, I didn’t have to depend on my husband’s camera, so I have more pictures from that time.

Then, when my oldest daughter was twelve, I began scrapbooking. I started taking more pictures just for my scrapbooks.

I bought my first digital camera in 2002 to take pictures of items to sell on eBay.  It was a used 3.5 megapixal HP camera and cost $200. It quickly paid for itself.

I loved that camera. Some of the best pictures I have were taken with that camera. After taking a picture, I would know if it was good or not. Immediately. No more waiting at the one-hour photo store to see my pictures. No more forgetting for weeks that I had pictures waiting for me at the grocery store.

The number of my pictures exploded exponentially. I could take pictures of everything and anything I wanted…and have some confidence that they were at least reasonably good. For the first 8 years of my marriage, I have one scrapbook. For the next 20, I have 8. I am currently three years behind.

I have page after page of my son’s marching band in formation. My pages started looking the same.


I found that I needed to start making choices, ruthlessly. Only two or three pictures of the band on the field could go in my scrapbook per year. I tried to take close-ups of the instrument, individual band members, the band director on his stand. Only 8 pages of band photos for one year was my rule. Otherwise, an entire album would be devoted to band.

Do you have guidelines for choosing your pictures for scrapbooks? Limits?



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Heritage Makers Digital Scrapbook Pages

They’re here!!!!!!!! I created these scrapbook pages using My Heritage Studio, an online program available on Heritage Makers.


These came out so nice, that I am considering some additional projects for my home decor and looking for 12 x 12 frames. I also realized that I forgot some pictures for my daughter’s graduation pages, so I am working on the sixth page.


If you are interested in doing digital or traditional scrapbooking, visit my web page in Heritage Makers.

Questions? Shoot me an email at

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Product Updates

Our Memories for Life is coming out with some exciting products: The 12-inch trimmer, personal trimmer, and border maker.


I ordered my own 12-inch trimmer last week. It has three blades – wavy, straight, and perforated. All you have to do is move a switch.

I also ordered the tape runner and some more card stock. Pictures of my product to come. I am excited about it.


Here’s my web page in Heritage Makers if you are interested in either digital scrapbooking or traditional scrapbooking.





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Remember When…


How life has changed…


Remember when our phones were attached to the wall? We also had to rent the phone from the phone company. Soon after we moved into our first house, the telephone company stopped renting phones (late 80s, early 90s), and everyone had to buy their own phones for their houses. Our first one was black. I think we actually bought it from the phone company.

radiant-barrier-low-e-emissivity-material-playground-slide   DSC00261

Remember when slides were tall and scary. Hot or cold, depending on the weather. Remember when swings could make you fly, depending on your sense of adventure.

Remember when cartoons were available on Saturday morning and occasionally before or after school, if Mom let you watch them.  Remember arguments about which TV show to watch because there was only one TV in the house? In our house during the 70s, we could only get three channels: NBC, CBS, and PBS. I loved Loony Tunes, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Captain America. My kids loved Power Rangers and Transformers.

What were your favorite cartoons?

Remember when parents used their voices to call children in from play? And if you were beyond the reach of their voices and they had to go and search for you, you were in trouble? In our house, the rule was you had to come in when the street lights came on. Sometimes they called us in when Grampa and Grandma arrived from up north with two bushels of green beans. We really didn’t want to come in, but those green beans sure tasted good later on. And we threw the bad ones at each other.

Remember role playing the characters from your favorite books or cartoon? We played Box Car Children, and would put sticks on the ground to mark out the different rooms of our houses. Then we would figure out how to feed ourselves – usually crackers we brought with us, which we pretended were loaves of bread that we baked, because our mother baked bread.

Remember when collecting rocks would fill take an entire afternoon. And when we got home, we could compare our treasures?

Remember when our quarter for allowance would buy a lot of stuff at the dimestore?

What are your remember whens?





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